Why Use Liquid Supplements?

These days, we are all conscious of the need to supplement our bodies with the vitamins and minerals that may be lacking to meet our nutritional needs. We are used to seeing a wide variety of vitamins in our shops which promise to fill the deficiencies in our diets, but what you also should know is, there are excellent alternatives to popping countless vitamin pills every day.

Liquid supplements provide all the same benefits of tablet multivitamins – and more! Firstly, liquid supplements are more pleasant to administer. If you are already feeling under the weather, supplements in tablet form are a tricky pill to swallow (pardon the pun.)  Supplements in the form of liquid nutrition are less intrusive, easier on the throat and the stomach, as well as soothing in their effect.

We also know that without the hard shell of a tablet, liquid supplements are easier for the body to digest and therefore absorb into the bloodstream at a faster rate. If the body does not process the dense composition of a tablet fast enough, it can race through the digestive system without releasing any of its beneficial properties.

This is why we are firm believers that intraMAX® 2.0 is the best vitamin supplement currently available on the market. Let us tell you a little more about liquid nutrition and the benefits of intraMAX® 2.0.

What is intraMAX® 2.0?

intraMAX® 2.0 is a gluten free, vegetarian and non-GMO liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement. With just a 30ml daily serving, your body is replenished with vitamins, trace and macro minerals, prebiotics, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, fruits, vegetables, essential fatty acids, bioflavonoids, amino acids and so much more.

This gem of a liquid vitamin is rich in carbon, oxygen and fulvic acid, and is 100% natural. It counts 71 plant-derived organic trace minerals in its composition, giving you the confidence that you are filling your body with the best fuel.

There are 33 servings per container, which will last you at least a month.

Features and Benefits

In the Fenestra Clinical Study, intraMAX® 2.0 was shown to be a safe and highly effective means of improving one’s nutrition while helping to maintain, or improve, cellular system functions.

The unique blend of ingredients assists your body in eliminating harmful substances and supports your biological and physiological systems to maximise your health.

intraMAX® 2.0 is great for the following bodily functions:

  •  Endocrine system and hormones
  •  Immune development and response
  •  Blood, cellular and circulatory
  •  Cognitive, brain development and neurological function
  •  Skin, bone, muscle, and joint health
  •  Energy, strength, stamina and stress management

Thanks to the innovative cold-fill manufacturing process, the 415+ ingredients found in intraMAX® 2.0 retain their maximum nutritional value and let’s not forget, it has a great-tasting peach and mango flavour!

intraMAX® 2.0 Ingredients

The intraMAX® 2.0 ingredients list is comprehensive, but despite its size, it still maintains a vegetarian, gluten-free and hypo-allergenic formula.

The brilliantly complex composition can be categorised in the following groups:

  •  Essential Fatty Acids, Metabolic, Endocrine, Hormone, Oxygen, Cognition and Cholesterol Matrix
  •  Immune System Strength, Development and Response Matrix
  •  Blood, Sinus, Neurological, Cellular, Circulatory and Gastrointestinal Health Matrix
  •  Fatigue, Respiratory, Brain Development and Neurological Health Matrix
  •  Amino Acid Matrix – “Building Blocks of Protein”
  •  Pure Plant Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotic, and Intestinal Matrix
  •  Herbal Energy, Strength, Stamina and Stress Management Matrix
  •  Antioxidant Vegetable Garden, Optimum Seed, Sprout and Fibre Matrix
  •  Antioxidant Fruit Orchard Matrix
  •  38 Organically-bound Essential Oils

At the same time, and importantly for those with special dietary requirements, you will find that the blend is completely free from wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, soy, tree nuts, shellfish, antibiotics (medical drugs), artificial colours, caffeine, cholesterol, coatings, eggs, fat, fillers, fish, fish oil, chemicals, herbicides, milk, peanuts, pesticides, salicylates and soybeans to name a few.

In summary, intraMAX® 2.0 is the most comprehensive, convenient and effective way to give your body the nutritional support it needs. Good nutrition is the basis for your complete health and wellness and we would not want to supply you with anything else!