‘My job is fast paced and I am constantly moving throughout the day. I used to be mentally and physically tired by the end of the day so much so that I could not even get a good workout in. I started taking Intramax about 3 weeks ago and I saw immediate benefits. Waking up at 2:30 in the morning for work is no joke and having the energy I need at the end of my day is great. Look forward to using this product for many months to come.’


This does everything it says it will and so much more. Our entire family is now taking it and we all feel more energized and have a healthy glow.

B. Boesel

I love this liquid vitamin! I don’t like taking a lot of pills so the liquid is perfect! I also love that it gives me energy that I need!

Pamela Capps

This is the best product ever as I have noticed a Big Difference in my energy this is the best will continue to buy a bit pricey, but I have always spent alot on several different vitamins now I can concentrate just on one this one it is the best of all. God Bless All.

Tammy D.

Best multiple on the market in my opinion
Joseph A. Santarisieri

Product is great. I have been using it for several months with great results. I have an autoimmune disorder and this has relieved nearly all my symptoms. In addition, I have more energy and it has eliminated my migraines. I followed the recommended gradual increase in dosing at start to minimize any detox effects and had no problems. The biggest con is that it is not great when traveling since it needs to be refrigerated.


This is an excellent product. I suffered of dizziness and also I had a cyst, I start to take IntraMax three weeks before the biopsy and First My God and second this medicine when I went to the byopsy the cyst was dissapearred. Two of my systers are taking, one should have a sugery and she told me she feel better and she canceled the surgery. The other one is ok, but she is taking the medicine for prevention. She said that she has more energy since she is taking IntraMax. Also I have a few friends that start to use IntraMax.


Great stuff. Been using product for years and think that this best multi vitamin on market bar none hands down

Shawn Harris

IntraMAX is a very complete suplement, good taste and great if you can’t take or don’t want to take capsules.

Mary Lou

I have used this product a few years ago and stopped for a while. It helped me in so many ways. I had tried many different vitamins but none help as quickly and effectively as these. I used to have bad liver problems, chills in the summer, suffer from colds and flues yearly too many to mention,and all that is history all because of this product. Now I made a lifestyle change to keep healthy by becoming vegan. Also I bought one for mom and it helps her with her diabetes. She says her pains have deminished and has more energy. She also said it help her get her red blood cell count.

I had first used this product a few years ago. I stopped using it because the price I was paying for it doubled. I have since returned to it at the high price because it is the only multivitamin product I have ever used that I felt better taking it even the same day and notice I do not feel as well without it (less energy and clarity). It also loaded with so many different nutrients besides vitamins so I could eliminate other separate supplements. This worked for me years ago and is again. Excellent product.


I love these vitaminsso easy to useI can tell a difference in my energy level. highly recommend

Jean A. Faulkner

I have been taking various brands of vitamins for years and reading all the pros/cons. My issue was finding a good multivitamin that had a lot of the daily vitamins needed that would digest quickly in my stomach. I found a few that made me feel nausea and others that were monstrous in size so eventually I would dread trying to take them and stop. I stumbled across Intramax at a doctor’s office and have been taking it for 5 months. I have never felt better in my life! The liquid vitamin absorbs immediately AND it tastes good!! I do not think I have been able to stick to any vitamin for this long. This product not only has a ton of vitamins in it, it has various items to help your immune system, brain function and it is a probiotic! I have been telling people left and right about this product. I challenge anyone to tell me of a product that is better than this one? Just the fact that it tastes good and digests immediately gives it A++++++++!!!!


I have used intraMax off and on for several years. It is about a complete supplement that anyone could desire. I like covering as many of the nutritional bases as I can in one supplement. It is easy to take and the flavor is okay.

I have found that when I am regularly taking intraMax that I feel strong with good energy and since I live at altitude, 7800 ft., I need all of the support I can offer my body.

I believe that intraMax is the best single supplement that anyone can buy.

Father Fly

I bought this product when I went to a new chiropractor not even a month ago. I have been donating plasma for the production of RhoGam twice a week for 23 years now. I take all sorts of supplements to keep my protein and iron levels up as they are tested each time I donate. I am almost 63 years old. Before taking intraMAX my numbers were low. I have stopped taking everything else and today my #s were higher then they have EVER been…in 23 years! The other benefit, an outward sign that something is working right, is my nails are growing. They usually break and peal. Nice surprise. The nurses at the Lab where I donate asked me where to get this product. I highly recommend it!

Buffalo Gal

I started using this product after realizing that my current multivitamin was essentially junk – all the right ingredients but in ineffectual quantities. intraMAX was recommended by my doctor, who is a strong supporter of natural remedies and fitness as alternatives to medication. The product has been amazing and, after recently converting to a vegan diet, I’ve experienced no loss of energy and feel better than I ever have, which I attribute to the fact that my body had access to plenty of B12 and other antioxidants, vitamins and minerals through and after the dietary transition. intraMAX does contain naturally derived bee-byproducts in the form of bee pollen extract, propolis, and royal jelly. If your vegan diet adheres to the strictest interpretation of no animal byproducts, this should be considered. However, without getting into the whole vegan bee product debate, this product works really well for me. Based on my results, my husband has started taking it too and is equally pleased with it. One note – I can’t seem to pour the liquid out of the bottle without it dripping. The way the threads are positioned on the cap seem to capture the liquid so it drips all over the place. That said, it’s a pretty easy fix to just transfer it to a different container when I receive it and it’s well worth that small step.

Laura Guitar

A++ been taking this for years and it’s the rolls Royce on the market. If you are trying to decide and come across this post – DO IT. It literally saved my dad’s life and has helped my family greatly.

Rich Guiton

My Naturopath (a doctor of almost 40 years in practice) first had me take Intramax as a support product when treating me for Lyme Disease. I also have other immune system problems. I was rarely hungry and was not eating well. I have used it on and off for about 5 years now and have found it an excellent multi-vitamin. I saw marked improvements on my bio terrain assessments. Now I pound it down at the first sign of any illness, and do the same with other members of my family. Recently my MD as also begun recommending Intramax for his patients. Many people simply cannot assimilate hard tablets due to immune system problems or stomach related problems. A liquid vitamin is a great alternative. It also tastes just fine. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good liquid vitamin. The only thing I’ve ever done that comes anywhere near as close to being as effective is IV vitamin therapy, which is very costly and not much fun!


I have been using this supplement for years & I wouldn’t be without it.
Karol Scherer